Clearblue Advance Digital Ovulation Test - 20 Tests

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The Dual Hormone Digital Ovulation Test from Clearblue is one of the only tests on the market to detect a rise in estrogen levels (screen will display a flashing smiley face) and your LH surge (screen will display a static smiley face). Peak fertility is displayed constantly for 48 hours after it first appears! Since no two people are the same, the number of fertile days you see is personal to you. 

To use: Carefully read the instructions that come with the ovulation test. These detailed instructions are filled with information on when to start the testing based on your specific timeline. Remove the test stick from the wrapper and take off the cap. Align the purple arrow on the test stick with the arrow on the test holder, and insert the stick until it clicks. This will automatically turn on the ovulation test for use. Face the absorbent tip downward in your urine stream for 3 seconds. You may also do the test by collecting a urine sample in a dry, clean container and placing the test tip in the urine for 15 seconds. After testing, wait 5 minutes for accurate results. Low fertility will display a clear circle, high fertility will display a flashing smiley face, and peak fertility will display a static smiley face.

Brand: Clearblue

UPC: 4015600566920

Your ovulation period is vital to keep track of in order to have a successful conception. The Dual Hormone Digital Ovulation Test from Clearblue is the first and only test that identifies 4+ fertile days in your cycle, and also has a 99% accuracy rate when detecting LH surge. It keeps track of the two important fertility hormones and your high/peak fertile days, so you can give yourself the most chances of getting pregnant. 

Identifies typically 4 or more fertile days

More efficient than any other ovulation test, the dual hormone test tracks 4+ fertile days, as well as two fertility hormones, luteinising and estrogen, to allow you time to plan when to have sex.

Tracks 2 key fertility hormones

Using unique technology, this test follows your personal hormone profile, so you don't miss your fertile days. This smart technology displays a smiley face when your best fertility days are, so you know when your body is ready. 

Smart technology and clear digital results

After detecting your LH surge, you can re-use the reader with your extra ovulation test sticks in order to identify your fertile days in the next cycle. 

Only brand with a re-usable reader


Your peak fertility is displayed for 48 hours after it first appears, making it impossible to do another test. 

Peak Fretility displayed constantly for 48 hours

Remember that not all cycles are the same and the number of fertile days are personal to you. 

 4 or more fertile days

Since every cycle and women's body is different, it's important to remember that you may take shorter or longer periods of time to see your information. If you see more than 9 high fertility days, you should stop testing during this menstrual cycle. It is highly unlikely you will see peak fertility during this. If you do not find your peak fertility after 3 consecutive cycles, you should talk to your doctor. 

 More than 9 fertile days

Test only one time per day until you see high fertility. After your longest sleep, usually in the morning, test your urine and wait for your high fertility to display. After you've seen it, you may test more often. 

Test once a day

Do not remove the batteries! This will completely shut off the test and will not be usable again.  

Don't remove the batteries
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