TENS Machines

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We stock tens machines for every requirement including labor/maternity tens to rent or buy & pain relief tens machines. All of our TENS machine units come with a 2-year warranty as standard so you can be assured of quality & long life. Batteries & Electrodes are included with every unit. Universal Tens Machine replacement pads are also available that will work on our units as well as most other brands. If you need assistance in choose the right TENS machine for you please get in touch to speak with a product expert.

As nutritional therapists we recommend avoiding taking pain killers whenever possible. Not only are pain killers addictive, but they can lead to a myriad of health complications ranging from liver damage to poor digestive health.Using Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines (other wise known as a TENS Machine) offer a fantastic alternative to painkilling medication and are proven and highly recommended by the Medical Community in Ireland. Our range of tens units has been carefull chosen to cover a wide range of users incliding tens for labour, easy to use tens machines for visually impaired and the eldery and advanced digital tens machines that cover for the full spectrum of pain including but not limited to back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, period pain and spondylitis. We are confident that the Tenscare range is of 5 star quality - backed up by a 2 year warranty on all devices, all next day delivery from our warehouse in Dublin. if your not sure on which unit is best for your needs please contact us here for some expert advice.

There is a slew of pain relief methods available to women during child birth which many natural health concious mothers wish to avoid for both medical and emotional reasons. Studies have shown that using Tens machines during labour to be highlly effective in managing pain with over 85% of users to have found benefit. At a time when you want focus all of your energy on child birth our labour tens units offer the ultimate ease of use to manage pain  and are the result of over 20 years of research in the field. Check out the mamatens mytime tens unit (here) which comes highly recommended by The Nutrition Store. Everything from the preset programmes, the labour log, Gentle & boost features and even the way the easy way the leads are designed for maximum movement make it one of the best tens machines for labour on the market worldwide.

After the birth, you can use your mamaTENS to help with post birth pain