Not only do we stock Nourkrin WOMAN and Nourkrin MAN, we also stock all of the new products within the Noukrin range. Nourkin has established itself as the top selling supplement for thinning hair in Ireland and across the World. From a nutritional point of view Nourkrin provides a totally natural and proprietary blend of nutrients to optimise hair growth and support a strong healthy hair growth cycle. For full details on Nourkrin please click on the product below which is most relevant to you, this is where you will find detailed information on dosage, ingredients and how Noukrin actually works. Watch out for the great bulk buy options for those who intend on taking Nourkrin over longer periods. Nourkrin is the only hair growth supplement to be awarded the Gold Medal by the leading hair experts at the World Trichology Society
The Nourkrin hair loss and thinning supplement, which includes Noukrin MAN and Nourkin WOMAN, is clinically proven to help in the battle against issues such as male and female pattern hair loss. In a study, 9 out of 10 users of Nourkrin reported having fuller, thicker hair after using Nourkrin. Nourkrin is a totally natural supplement, with no known side effects. Nourkrin is composed with a marine complex including the cartilage of deep sea fish and other nutrients. This key ingredient, which is rich in glucosamine, is a natural occurring nutrient in deep sea fish cartilage and has shown to stimulate hair growth.

Is Nourkrin Safe? 

Yes. Nourkrin is 100% drug free and completely safe 


Does Nourkrin have any side effects? 

No. Nourkrin is 100% drug free and all ingredients are assessed by the Food and Drug Authorities. Nourkrin has been available for 20 years and no side effects have been reported in this time 


Does Nourkrin interfere with any medications? 

No, there are no known, registered or reported instances of any interference with any medications. Nourkrin is a naturally based supplement. If you are taking medication It is always advised to check with your doctor before taking any supplement.  


Is Nourkrin Gluten free? 

Yes. Nourkrin is gluten free and is suitable for coeliacs 


Is there anyone that Nourkrin is not suitable for? 

Nourkrin is not suitable for anyone with sensitivities or allergies to fish and shellfish 


What makes Nourkrin unique? 

The Nourkrin brand has more than 20 years proven history internationally. Nourkrin is the only product throughout the world that contains Marilex®. Consumers should be aware of products that claim to provide a product with supposed "marin proteins" as these are not the authentic, scientifically proven Marilex® 


What is Marilex®? 

Nourkrin is unique because it contains the proprietary ingredient Marilex® from Pharma Medico. Marilex® is a scientifically proven unique marine complex produced with the highest premium quality raw materials. Marilex® is approved by health authorities throughout the world including the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority 


Why is Nourkrin advised as a 6 month programme? 

It is advised to take Nourkrin for 6 months due to the length and system of the hair growth cycle. At any one point in time some hairs are in the growth phase (Anagen phase), while the others are in the resting phase (Telogen phase). 6 months is the period of time recommended so the individual follicles can receive correct and adequate nutrition related to their individual cycles 


What happens if I stop taking Nourkrin after 6 months?

This will depend on the cause of your hair loss/thinning. If hair thinning/loss is as a result of acute, temporary factors like a prolonged period of stress, hormonal fluctuations, the results of Nourkrin may sustain over time if these factors have improved. If hair loss or thinning is as a result of genetics or chronic factors then the condition may return if adequate nutrition is not provided to the hair follicles any longer 


Will the speed and quality of my hair increase if I take more than the recommended intake of Nourkrin? 

No. Every Nourkrin tablet contains the exact amount of active ingredients which have been scientifically tested and proven to benefit hair growth and maintenance of healthy hair. Clinical studies have shown that exceeding this amount does not increase Nourkrin's benefits 


When should I start to see a difference in my hair? 

Most people notice a difference after 3 months consistently taking the recommended dosage of Nourkrin 


Will Nourkrin work if I am already bald? 

No, unfortunately if you are bald it means the hair follicle is dead and it cannot produce hair. This is why it is recommended to start using Nourkrin when you notice the first sign of thinning or hair or hair loss 


Will Nourkrin initiate growth of body hair? 

No. The ingredients contained in Nourkrin target only hair follicles on the head 


What are the differences between Nourkrin Woman and Nourkrin Man compared with the rest of the Nourkrin range of supplements (Radiance, Active 20+, Active 45+ and Post Pregnancy)? 

Nourkrin Woman and Nourkrin Man are hair growth products, they contain specific ingredients in specific amounts to promote and support hair growth if hair loss and hair thinning is being experienced. The other Nourkrin products such as Active 20+ are hair maintenance products and are recommended to proactively prevent hair loss and hair thinning. For more details on each Nourkrin maintenance product see full description under each product