Established in 2002 in the UK, Mooncup Ltd started their business with a mission to create a healthier, more economical and more eco-friendly menstruation experience. The medical grade silicone is a perfect solution for women with sensitive skin and latex allergies (previous models were made from rubber). Mooncup Ltd and the Advice Centre nurses continuously research menstrual health and are committed to advancing education in this area. Mooncup is available in two sizes, use the guide below to find out which size is best for you


 Have I had children?   I am under 30 years   I am 30 years or over 
 No                B                    A
 Yes                A                    A
 Yes, by Caesarean                B                    A
Mooncup Ltd is a small but mutli-award winning business. Based out of Brighton is is run by an eight woman strong team who collaborate with distributors worldwide and work closely alongside medical professionals. The Mooncup team love to talk directly with women at various health shows, conferences and festival. Mooncup Ltd are committed to ethical practices that are friendly to both people and animals, in 2004 they were awarded the status of "Ethical Company" establishing Mooncup Ltd as the first manufacturer of sanitary protection worldwide to be certified ethical business.