BioCare have been producing a range of supplements developed by practitioners for practitioners, for over 25 years. They produce a wide range of high quality nutritional supplements based on the latest scientific research using only raw ingredients. The premium quality and potent array of supplements include probiotics, digestive and antioxidant enzymes, vitamins and minerals (also available in liquid forms), Micellised fat-soluble nutrients and specialist combinations. BioCare associated with a number of organisations here in Ireland such as the Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA), the Health Food Institue (HFI), Consumers for Health Choice and the National Association of Health Stores. Here at The Nutrition Store, we love the vast choice of high calibre, specialist supplements formulated by BioCare

BioCare's innovative range introduces their unique encapsulation process, their DuoCaps are a capsule within a capsule which allows a number of ingredients included in a single supplement that can then be released at different times in the gut resulting in better absorption. Their Micellisation technology allows for easier and greater absorption while their unique Emulsification process improves the body's utilisation of oils.