Kefir Cultures

Kefir Cultures

We love Kefir here at The Nutrition Store! As long time advocates of Kefir, we have been enjoying Kefir and its benefits for many years. Traditionally high grade and safely prepared Organic Kefir has been difficult to get hold of here in Ireland. This is why we are excited to be the first and exclusive distributors of Cultures For Health Kefir range which is the highest quality Organic  Kefir Grains and Organic Kefir Starter Cultures available worldwide. We stock the full range of Organic Kefir Grains and Kefir Starter Cultures as well as some accessories and starter kits that will really make it easy for anyone to culture great quality Kefir!

Check out the Kefir Video Guides & Learning Articles tab above to see a menu of great articles about kefir as well as how to prepare Cultures for Health Kefir! 

What's the difference between our Kefir Grains and Kefir Starter Cultures? Let Cultures for Health explain exactly that below in this short video!

We know how important it is to make these cultures correctly, that is why we have created a Video Guides & Learning Articles page to give you step-by-step instructions on how to start using our products.

For videos on how to start making your Water Kefir and Milk Kefir, click here!

For step-by-step instructions on making Water or Milk Kefir Starter Cultures, click here!

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    Cultures for Health Kefir Starter Culture

    Organic Kefir Starter Culture (Milk, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Juice)

    Regular Price: €19.99

    Special Price: €17.99

    • Makes up to 14 Litres of Kefir !
    • Use 1 packet with 1 litre dairy milk, Fruit juice, or  water or coconut water.
    • Allows you try both Milk or Water based. Great to try Kefir Out.
    • Cultures at room temperature, 22 - 24 degrees celcius, no appliance required.
    • Avoid using ultra pasteurized or UHT milk.
    • May be re-cultured 2-7 times, using a small amount from the current batch to make a new batch. 
    • Instructions for using this culture are included in the pack
    • Free 155 Page e-book with instructions and 35 recipes on how to use your Kefir!

     For longer life and Long use Kefir Grains for Milk & Water Check out our Kefir Main Category here 


    • Proprietary blend of selected strains of lactococcilactobacilliLeuconostoc, and Saccharomyces fragilis bacteria.
    • May contain trace amounts of soy and milk. 


    Allergen Information

    • May contain trace amounts of soy and dairy.
    • Manufactured in a facility that produces products containing soy and dairy.
    • Non-GMO.
    • Gluten-free.


    Shipping and Storage Information

    • Our kefir starter culture is shipped in a dehydrated state in a barrier-sealed packet. 
    • For best results, store in the refrigerator or freezer and use by the date on the box.

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    Cultures for Health Water Kefir Grains

    Organic Water Kefir Grains

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    Special Price: €37.99

    Water kefir grains create a carbonated lacto-fermented beverage from sugar water, fruit juice, or coconut water. Incredibly easy to make, water kefir makes a fantastic non-dairy alternative to milk kefir and can be flavoured to make a whole range of great tasting beverages

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    Organic Milk Kefir Grains

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    Adding milk kefir grains to fresh milk yields a delicious probiotic drink in about 24 hours. Milk kefir can be enjoyed plain or flavoured or used in recipes such as salad dressings and ice cream.

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